Server Package

Choose from the following packages for your new Minecraft Server
  • Minecraft Copper (1GB)

    • Minecraft Copper (1GB)

      Basic Server Package
      • 1GB of Ram
      • Ideal for small groups
      • Supports Vanilla+
      • Perfect for Minigames

    From $4.99/mo
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  • Minecraft Bronze (2GB)

    • Minecraft Bronze (2GB)

      Standard Server Package
      • 2GB of Ram
      • Ideal for small modded or large vanilla communities
      • Supports Craftbukkit,Spigot, Paper and more
      • Easily supports up to 32 players Simultaneously
      • A low monthly price for a rock solid server packed with features and protection.
    From $10.99/mo
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  • Minecraft Silver (4GB)

    • Minecraft Silver (4GB)

      Recommended Server Package
      • 4GB of Ram
      • Ideal for small or large communities on Vanilla or Modded Servers
      • Supports many Mods including Tekkit and Tekkit Classic

      Turn your Minecraft Game up a few notches with DOUBLE the specs of our Bronze Package We highly recommend our SILVER package configuration for most mods.

    From $14.99/mo
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  • Minecraft Gold (6GB)

    • Minecraft Gold (6GB)

      High Spec Server Package
      • 6GB of Ram
      • Ideal for Large Communities
      • Vanilla and All Mods

      For those with colossal communities and deserve nothing but the best, this is a no expense spared package with more than TRIPLE of the standard resources allocated to the server. We recommend this package to those who want the biggest and smoothest Minecraft experience possible.

    From $27.99/mo
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Included With Every Plan
  • One-Click Installs
  • Mod Support
  • Stays up to Date with Vanilla Releases
  • DDOS Protection